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Hahndorf Fruit & Veg Market


Growing up in San Giorgio La Molara, Italy, Pellegrino and Fernando Palma, two brothers, worked on the land with the family growing produce in the mountains of Italy.

Pellegrino migrated in Adelaide, South Australia in 1968 and lived in the Adelaide Hills with his uncles helping out on their farm and working various jobs to make a living such as Chapmans in Nairne, SA.

Pellegrino got married in 1976 to Maria and then had two children, Connie and Angelo. It wasnt until 1979 when Pellegrino and his wife Maria opened up their first fruit and vegetable shop in the Foodland complex in Mount Barker named "Peters Fruit Bowl".

In 1985, Fernando Palma migrated to Australia after seeing what his oler brother had accomplished. In 1985 Pellegrino and Fernando purchased the farm at Hahndorf from the Percy Family where they started growing produce. They grew many things such as cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, zucchini, sweetcorn, potatoes, various herbs, spinach, silverbeet just to name a few. All this produce was sold in "Peters Fruit Bowl" and at the East End Market which then moved to Pooraka known as the Adelaide Produce Market.

In 1985, Fernando got married to Marisa and had two boys of his own, Angelo and Tony. The locals would stop in at the farm in Hahndorf and purchase good from the family. After time, many people were requesting items they didnt sell. The family helped out by bringing those goods from the market until they decided to open a store in Hahndorf.

In 1990, they opened up the Hahndorf store the "Hahndorf Vegetable Garden". The manager there was Marisa, Fernando's Wife and the manager at "Peters Fruit Bowl" was Maria, Pellegrino's Wife.

In 1993, the family constructed a new shed on farm in Hahndorf as the business grew and needed more space. Once built, the family moved the business into the newly built shed and named it "The Barn". This was short lived, only to have the local council kick them out within the year.

From 1994, the Palma family battled the local council to have approval to move the business from the small shed at the back of the property to the larger shed at the from of the property (approxiamtely 50 meters). Little did the family know that this would be a make or break battle with the local council"Peter's Fruit Bowl" was then sold in 1998 to cover legal costs. After eight years battling the council, the Hahndorf Vegetable Garden moved to its current location in 2002.

In 2004, Tony Palma (son of Fernando) finished school and started working in the business.

In 2005, Angelo Palma (son of Pellegrino) started working in the business after being a motor mechanic for 8 years.

In 2011, Angelo AJ Palma (son of Fernando) started working there after 4 years in Real Estate.

In 2012 the sons started making their footprints in the business with the name changing to its current name, Hahndorf Fruit and Vegetable Market, a new logo, new colours and new uniform. Many renovations have taken place, the major ones being the carpark which was completed in 2014.